Presidential Releases

The presidential release is a monthly audio message from President Mark A. Riccobono that highlights the current activities of the National Federation of the Blind. It is shared with every chapter of the organization.

NFB President Mark A. Riccobono sits on a couch and reads from a Braille book.The presidential release is typically available in English, Spanish, and as a text transcript in both languages. You can subscribe to the English and Spanish versions of the presidential release via your podcast client by searching for "National Federation of the Blind."

February 2020

As we dive into February, President Riccobono reviews the important legislative issues we'll address at this year's Washington Seminar. He also discusses upcoming summer programs, the 2020 National Convention, our Braille Monitor survey, and the PAC program.

January 2020

President Riccobono wishes everyone a Happy New Year and discusses World Braille Day, the 2020 Washington Seminar, the 2020 National Convention in Houston, including important details regarding hotel reservations, and our goals and priorities for 2020. The President also provides updates from our Dream Makers Circle.

December 2019

President Riccobono discusses our newly renovated space in Baltimore, the 2020 Washington Seminar, and the many accomplishments and milestones we will celebrate during the NFB board meeting this weekend.

November 2019

President Riccobono talks about our fall convention season, wrapping up Meet the Blind Month, quiet cars, the 2020 National Convention (including an important date change), the scholarship program, the Braille Readers Are Leaders contest, Santa Letters, and the Braille Monitor

October 2019

President Riccobono discusses the ultimate goal of and philosophy behind Meet the Blind Month. He also discusses White Cane Awareness Day, NFB's Meet the Blind Month Twitter chats, and our partnership with Mattel featuring the recent launch of UNO Braille. The President also provides updates from our Dream Makers Circle.

September 2019

President Riccobono recaps the 2019 NFB BELL Academies and talks about National Guide Dog Month, the Braille Readers are Leaders contest for blind children and adults, Meet the Blind Month, our September open house gathering, and White Cane Awareness Day. The President also provides updates from our Dream Makers Circle.

August 2019

President Riccobono discusses the 2019 National Convention (#NFB19), including the 2019 resolutions, and talks about plans for 2020. He also discusses the introduction of the GAIN Act in the U.S. House of Representatives, Meet the Blind Month, Braille calendars, and Pedro and the Octopus. The President also provides updates from our PAC program and Dream Makers Circle.

June 2019

President Riccobono discusses the World Blind Union meeting in Trinidad, NFB summer programs, a special blind parents division seminar in Colorado, new member programs, and the national convention. Executive Director and Convention Chairman John Berggren joins the President to talk about convention logistics. The President also provides updates from our PAC program and Dream Makers Circle.

Previous Presidential Releases

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