Youth Slam Cast

Youth Slam Cast


8/5/2007 Mark Maurer
talks to the atendees of the 2007 Youth Slam about leadership and public speaking.


8/4/2007 Various
members of the Slam News crew interview participants and attend speeches and events.


8/3/2007 Robert Hooper
interviews Dr. Ben Wintworth about an accessible sundial.

Braille Note

8/3/2007 Humanware
presents information about the Braille Note.

Albinism Blindness And Race

8/3/2007 Ron Gardner
and three of the Youth Slam participants have a very frank discussion about albinism, blindness, and race.

Talent Show

8/3/2007 Various
artists perform at the Youth Slam talent show.


8/2/2007 Various
students share their experiences.

gary Vermeij

8/2/2007 Gary Vermeij
is an evolutionary biologist studying animals with shells He speaks to blind students at the NFB Youth Slam about his background, career, and blindness. See more about him on PBS.

Tiffany Wild Interview

8/2/2007 Samuel Taylor
interviews this doctoral student.


8/2/2007 Various
clips from the first few hours at the Youth Slam.

Adam Malyala Interview

8/2/2007 Bryan Bashin
interviews Adam Malyala about the interview process.

All About Geckos

8/1/2007 Cameron Lewis
interviews Joelle Frechette about the importance of studying geckos and the molecular interaction that permits them to climb without suction cups.

Su Kim Interview

7/31/2007 Jabari Moran
interviews Su Kim, a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins about the invention process.

Students Arriving

7/30/2007 Liz Campbell
interviews volunteers, mentors, and students as students arrive.

Sarena Olsen

7/30/2007 Bryan Bashin
interviews Sarena about what impressed her about her students on the first day.

Opening Ceremony

7/30/2007 Mark Riccobono
Kicks off the first ever NFB Youth Slam. Speakers include Dr. Betsy Zaborowski, Dr. Nick Jones, Dean of Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, and Michael Hingson.


7/29/2007 Bryan Bashin
Mark Riccobono, Executive directer of the Jernigan Institute, describes the beginnings of the Youth Slam.

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