Future Reflections Fall 1990, Vol. 9 No. 3

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[PICTURE] Hands can read Braille, too.

Editor's Note: Karen Mayry, President of the South Dakota affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind picked up this little poem from the teacher of one of our former Braille Contest winners and sent it on to us.


For just a minute
Look at your hand.
Have you ever thought
Of how many things
Your hand can do?

Your hand is one of
The best tools in the world.
It can dig.
It can hold.
It can sew.
It can twist.
It can pick up.

You can use your hand
To pretend.
Pretend your hand is
A shovel,
A cup,
A telescope,
A horn,
A tweezer,
A hammer,
A fork.

Maybe you can think
Of another way
Hands are used.
The human hand must be
One of God's greatest creations.
It has small bones
And crafty fingers.
A hand is so well made
It can remove a tiny splinter
From another finger.

A hand is a gift
That you can use
To help others.

Have you ever used your hand
To pat a crying baby?
Have you ever used your hand
To help wash a car?
Have you ever used your hand
To pick up clothes from the floor?
Have you ever used your hand

To help a child get up
Who has fallen down?

Sometimes we say
We don't have anything
To give someone else.
But we do.
We have a hand.
We can use it as a gift.
We reach it out
And help someone else.

Your hand is one
Of the special things
You have.

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