Future Reflections Winter/Spring 1990, Vol. 9 No. 1

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Texas, the legendary state of longhorn cattle and oil wells, is the site of the 1990 fiftieth anniversary convention of the National Federation of the Blind -- fifty years of gold!

This will be the biggest, the most important event of the year for the blind. Parents of blind children, educators, and many others are now laying plans to join the some 2,500 blind people from all over the country who will be meeting in Dallas for this special convention. If you haven't made your plans and reserved your room for the convention, now is the time to do it!

Here is what Glenn Crosby, president of the National Federation of the Blind of Texas (the 1990 convention host) has to say about the convention and our convention accommodations:

As you may already have noticed, Texans are a particularly proud group of people, and the members of the National Federation of the Blind of Texas are especially proud to have the honor of hosting the Golden Anniversary Convention of the organized blind movement. We know that on occasion Texans have been accused of being boastful, but we don't think it would be bragging to say that we are planning the best convention ever. We are arranging spectacular tours, collecting fabulous door prizes, and laying plans to show you so many kinds of hospitality that you are bound to be pleased.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hyatt Regency is the site of our 1990 convention, and a fine facility it is. Located on the premises of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the Hyatt boasts more than 1,300 guest rooms and a grand ballroom that should contain ample space for the record number of convention attendees we are sure will be present.

The hotel's twin towers are separated by a quarter-mile-long corridor through which one may walk. However, if walking presents a problem for you, don't worry. Electric carts are available for anyone who needs or wants to take a ride. This is a regular service offered to any hotel guest. There are four outstanding restaurants inside the hotel: an Italian trattoria, which specializes in Northern Italian cuisine and has singing waiters and waitresses; a barbecue restaurant, which serves only the finest steaks and brisket; an American restaurant, which serves a variety of seafood and steaks; and a Fifties diner, which offers homestyle dishes and even allows you to have your fill of hamburgers and shakes. For lighter dining the bar in the East Tower also has sandwiches and snacks available during much of the day.

As you can see, the 1990 convention promises to be the biggest and best we have ever had, and if you make your plans to share this special celebration with us, it will be even better. So come on down and join us, and together we'll make the 1990 convention (like the Alamo) something to remember.

As you can see from what Glenn Crosby says, the NFB of Texas is planning an exciting array of tours and hospitality, and the program agenda FUTURE REFLECTIONS Winter/Spring, 1990

will be vintage Federation. We will also have the usual steady stream of great door prizes which will be distributed to lucky winners throughout the meetings. The prizes will aggregate many thousands of dollars. In Denver in 1989 the grand prize, which was drawn at the banquet, was $1,000 in cash. We are not certain what Texas will give for the grand prize in 1990, but you can be certain that it will be worthy of the affiliate and the occasion.

The displays of new technology, the meetings of special interest groups and divisions, the hospitality and renewal of friendships, the solid program items, and the general excitement of being where the action is and where the decisions are being made all join together to call the blind of the nation to the Dallas-Fort Worth Hyatt Regency hotel in the summer of 1990. Come and be part of it.

In recent years we have sometimes taken hotel reservations through the National Office, but for the 1990 convention you should write directly to:

Hyatt Regency DFW Post Office Box 619014 International Parkway Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Texas 75261 or call (214) 453-1234, or toll-free (800) 233-1234.

The hotel will want a deposit or a credit card number. Our hotel rates continue to be the envy of all who know about them. For the 1990 convention they are: singles, $27; doubles, $30; triples, $33; and quads, $37. In addition to the room rates there will be a tax, which at the time we made the contract was twelve percent (12%). There will be no charge for children in the room with parents.

Since the Hyatt Regency DFW is on the grounds of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, transportation between the terminals and the hotel is free. At the time we made the contract hotel parking was also free, and we have not heard of any change.

To help you in making your convention plans, remember that the Parents of Blind Children Division and other groups will be conducting seminars of general interest on the first Saturday of the convention (this year June 30). Registration for the convention will open on Sunday, July 1, (the registration fee plus a banquet ticket will be about $30.00 per person). Sunday and Monday, July 1 and 2, will be filled with division and committee meetings. The Parents of Blind Children Division will meet the afternoon of Monday, July 2, and the public meeting of the National Federation of the Blind Board of Directors will occur Monday morning. The general convention sessions extend from Tuesday, July 3, through Friday, July 6; and if things go as they usually do, there will probably be a Job Opportunities for the Blind seminar on Saturday, July 7. A special "Individualized Education Program" workshop for parents, teachers, and advocates of blind children is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, July 3. Then, of course, there is the highlight of the convention --the banquet -- which is on the evening of Thursday, July, 5.

As you can see, Texas in '90 will be the best convention we have ever had. Come and enjoy the Texas Gold!

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