Future Reflections         Special Issue: The Teen Years

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A Chance to Look Back

"I think it would be cool for Future Reflections to print some articles by blind people who grew up in different decades," my friend Sue Tillett commented several months ago. "It would show how things have changed over the years."

"Or not," I said. "It might show that some things haven't changed much at all."

Sue's suggestion came to mind as I began to plan this special issue about the teen years. What was life like for blind teens growing up thirty years ago? What was it like to be a blind teen in the sixties, or back in the thirties and forties? And was there any way to learn about blind teens of previous eras, I wondered. Had any of them left memoirs or journals that would tell their stories?

In the articles that follow, four blind people share their stories of growing up. Their times and circumstances vary widely, but their stories express similar themes. They are united by a conviction that life as a blind person can be productive and rewarding, full of fun and adventure. Technology has changed, opportunities have become more plentiful, but the human spirit remains the same across the generations.

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