Future Reflections March/April/May 1984, Vol. 3 No. 2

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by Susan Ford, President
Parents of Blind Children Division of the National Federation of the Blind

The National Federation of the Blind has a division for parents of blind children which was organized last summer in Kansas City in conjunction with a national seminar for parents of blind children. This summer, in Phoenix, we expect to have another seminar as well. We invite one and all to participate. Though the agenda is not definite as yet, we expect to feature these items: education of blind childna in the South West, teaching mobility to young children, small group sessions of special interest to parents of pre-schoolers, elementary school youngsters, and teen-agers; and the experiences, memories and success stories of blind men and women from all over the country. The seminar will be held Sunday, July 1, during the National Federation of the Blind Annual Convention at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. (See, "Phoenix in '84" page 1.)

As a result of the new division, we have seen a real expression of concern for the needs of parents all over the country. Since our organization last summer there have been NFB state sponsored seminars for parents and educators of blind children in the following states: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Utah, Michigan, Minnesota and New Mexico. That is not all, for between now and convention time in July we expect to have seminars in Nebraska and Colorado. And then some states are planning to sponsor seminars in the late summer or fall, such as Missouri, Washington, and Louisiana again! At least in California there has been a state Division for Parents and Educators organized as a part of the NFB affiliate. What demonstrative proof that the Division is flourishing and needed!

The past year has been an exciting time throughout the Federation, but there has been special pleasure for those of us who have helped to build the ground-work for this new Division. We have found many parents throughout the country who are rich with knowledge and experience to share and then there are many other parents all other the country who need our support and experience. Getting these two groups of parents together is the wish and goal of the Division for Parents of Blind children of the National Federation of the Blind. Because it has been so successful, it is obviously also the wish of countless parents throughout the country.

Membership in the Division also enrolls you as a member-at-large in the NFB, and costs $1.00. We invite you to join us as a member and also to join us in Phoenix in July for our National Seminar and annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind.

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