Future Reflections         Convention Report 2010

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Kids gather for Youth Track Children in Youth Camp practice frog jumps Two young girls examine an antique FordKatie Inman of Florida, who is deaf-blind and her interpreter

Conventions change lives. Thousands of people in the National Federation of the Blind will attest to the truth of this simple statement. The annual convention of the NFB brings together blind people of all ages and their families, along with teachers and other blindness professionals, for nearly a week of presentations, workshops, and other activities. It's all about sharing resources, exchanging ideas, and gaining an exciting new perspective on the possibilities for blind people.

The seventieth annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind met from July 3 to July 8 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Convention opened with "Education: Top Down and Bottom Up," a day-long conference for parents of blind children and professionals in the fields of education and rehabilitation. Lectures and hands-on workshops of special interest to parents and teachers were spread throughout the week, covering everything from early Braille exposure, tactile maps, and math instruction to IEPs. Kids and teens enjoyed games, science experiments, crafts, and all the delights of making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Though the formal activities are important, the friendships and working partnerships that form at convention matter most of all. For many parents, convention is their first opportunity to meet and talk with blind adults. Parents who don't know any other families with blind children back home suddenly meet hundreds of others who share their joys and concerns; they know that they are not alone.

The following pages attempt to capture the spirit of Convention 2010 through a series of photos of conventioneers at work and at play. Later in this issue you can read a sampling of the presentations that were delivered. If you attended the convention in Dallas, these pictures and articles may bring back memories. If you weren't able to be there, we hope that this issue of Future Reflections will inspire you to join us in Orlando, Florida, for Convention 2011. You'll make new friends, carry away valuable ideas, and begin to see a brighter future for your blind child. Conventions change lives.

A young boy learns how to descend a staircase using his canePhil Adams uses rowing machineAhbee Orton of Texas reads a Braille price tag at the NFB store

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