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Serotek Presents Keys for K-12

Editor’s Note: The NOPBC was delighted to have Mike Calvo, the chief executive officer of Serotek Corporation, come to our 2008 NOPBC Annual Meeting to make a special announcement about a wonderful free program Serotek is launching for blind children. Mike was also on the NFB Convention agenda later that week speaking on the topic, “System Access to Go.” We think all our readers will want to know about this special offer, so here is the flyer that was circulated at convention and has also been making the rounds on the Internet:

From Serotek:
For children in the twenty-first century, using a computer is as basic as learning to read or riding a bike. Serotek Corporation is introducing a program today that will put blind children on the same page with their sighted peers; giving them the ability to use a computer anytime, anywhere, with help from Keys for K-12.

Imagine a blind child at a friend’s house, and the sighted friend wants to demonstrate a cool new site on the Internet or work on a shared science project. Until now, blind kids just felt left out while the other kids looked at the screen. Now imagine that same child reaches into his backpack or pocket, pulls out a thumb drive, and says, “Hey, let’s plug in my key so I can play, too.”

Keys for K-12 means a free license to carry the System Access Mobile capabilities on a U3-enabled USB thumb drive. With the SA Mobile software, your student can plug her flash drive into any computer anywhere and have instant access through text-to-speech and/or magnification to all Windows-based applications already there.

At school, the library, grandma’s house, or a sleepover, a blind child can access the same information on the computer as any sighted student who can see the screen.

A licensed copy of System Access Mobile sells for $499.00, and now blind students K-12 can have it for free! If you are a parent, teacher, or school administrator interested in the future of a blind student in grades K-12, you have the power to bring this expanded world of access into a child’s life.

What you need to do: Complete the eligibility forms for each student (which includes certification of visual impairment from medical and educational professionals), follow the simple steps to download the System Access Mobile software to a USB drive, and your student is ready to go. To get started, visit: <http://www.serotek.com/kk12.html>. Sereotek is located in 1128 Harmon Place, Suite 310, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403; phone numbers: (toll-free) (866) 202-0520 or (612) 246-4818.

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