Future Reflections Winter/Spring 1998, Vol. 17 No. 1


JOB's 1998 National Job Seminar
by Lorraine Rovig, Job Opportunities for the Blind (JOB)

Can ordinary, blind Americans get hired for ordinary jobs? How? Once hired, how do they perform them? Listeners have called JOB's annual seminar "riveting" and "exhilarating." Blind Americans searching for work and other interested persons are invited to the 1998 NATIONAL JOB SEMINAR sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind and the U.S. Department of Labor. This free national-level, employment seminar will take place Saturday afternoon, on the 4th of July, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Hyatt Regency Hotel. All interested teachers, parents, and administrators, and all children and teens are welcome to attend this FREE seminar.

In this year's lively three-hours, Lee Kerr of Arizona will talk about his customer service job for Sears and about training other blind persons to join the staff. Susan Schaffer (MS-CCC), a certified speech language pathologist who is totally blind, will talk about the techniques she used to get through college and to succeed in her chosen field. We will hear an update from Rami Rabby (a blind man) on his job in the United States Department of State.

He is now posted to our embassy in Lima, Peru. Do you have a "generic" liberal arts degree? Veronica Smith is working in the capacity of a paralegal at a state agency. She'll describe what she does and how she was trained on the job.

Do you hate the thought of working indoors in an office or a factory? Last year, the panel of speakers from Nebraska's state agency for the blind told us about assisting a blind client to become an over-the-road trucker. (He hires the man behind the wheel, but he does everything else.) This year Chad Bell, himself, will tell his story. (No, sorry, he won't arrive at the Hyatt in his 18-wheeler.) These fascinating and educational real-life tales, along with many more, will fill the three-hour job seminar.

Remember, at the end of the seminar, the mike is open for any employment-related announcements. JOB invites employers in the crowd to give notice of job openings; blind job seekers to give a verbal "mini-resume," and agencies with programs for blind job seekers to entice students by describing their offerings.

What employment is possible for a blind American? What would you like to do? Whether you are looking for work or wishing to change jobs, this seminar is for you. On July 4, Independence Day, come listen in person. Ask our speakers directly those questions that you have always wanted to ask.

Job Opportunities For The Blind (JOB) 1998 Networking Breakfasts

Are you a blind person looking for work, or an employed blind person who wishes to share what you know? Are you a professional in the blindness field who is looking for new ideas? Every morning of convention, in the main restaurant of the DFW Hyatt Regency, JOB invites you to network about employment. Blind children, their parents, and teachers are welcome too. Seating takes place from 6:45 to 7:00 a.m. and breakfast is BYOB (Buy Your Own Breakfast). Please don't interrupt the conversations by being late.

Facilitators help each breakfast stay on topic.

Saturday, July 4:

* The First-timers Breakfast.

Sunday, July 5:

* The First-timers Breakfast.

* Sunday's "generic" Breakfast For Job Seekers: What problems do you have in your job search? Brain-storming is our specialty at the daily "generic" breakfast.

* JOB's 4th Networking Breakfast For Blind Travel Instructors.

* Emergency Dispatchers Networking Breakfast.

* New Job In A New Place (a J-o-b Walking Workshop): Not a breakfast. Details announced at JOB's seminar Saturday.

Monday, July 6:

* Monday's "Generic" Breakfast For Job Seekers.

* The Annual Breakfast For Blind Scientists And Engineers: Interested persons will meet at the hotel concierge desk at 7:00 a.m. to go together to our breakfast meeting. Make reservations by e-mail to: Robert Jacquiss and John Miller [robertj@teleport.com] [miller@isl.stanford.edu]

* JOB's 5th Annual Breakfast For Blind Persons In Medical Fields.

* JOB's 6th Annual Breakfast For Braille Proofreaders & Transcribers.

* JOB's 9th Annual Networking Breakfast For Blind Lawyers.

* I Do "Windows"—A Job Networking Breakfast.

Tuesday, July 7:

* Tuesday's "Generic" Breakfast For Job Seekers.—special facilitator: Mrs. Hazel tenBroek.

* The 7th Annual Blind Artists Breakfast. Art for money!

* A Networking Breakfast For Customer Service Representatives.

* I Do "Windows" (again)--a Job Networking Breakfast.

Wednesday, July 8:

* Wednesday's "generic" Breakfast For Job Seekers.

* Writing For Money; A JOB Networking Breakfast (#2).

* The JOB Coordinators 2nd Annual Brainstorming Breakfast.

* "I Don't Want a Desk Job," A JOB Networking Breakfast. NEW!

Thursday, July 9:

* JOB's "Last Chance" Generic Breakfast For Job Seekers.

* JOB's Networking Breakfast For Computer Access Teachers.

* JOB's 3rd Annual Networking Breakfast For Entrepreneurs.

Friday, July 10:

* JOB's Breakfast For Employment Professionals.

NOTE: If you have a special employment interest, why not set up your own breakfast during convention week? Ask the Director of JOB to help you meet people in your favorite field.