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Good Toys for Blind Kids

2005 Nomination Form

Mail to or e-mail to: Good Toys for Blind Kids, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230.

I wish to nominate the following toy for inclusion in the “Good Toys for Blind Kids” list:

1. Name and brief description of the toy: ____________________________________


[ ] This is exactly how the name appears on the toy, the toy package, or other marketing information about the toy

[ ] This is my best guess

2. Name of toy store or other location (Web site, catalog, etc.) from which the toy can be purchased: ______________________________________________________

[ ] I know, for a fact, that the toy can be purchased from this/these locations

[ ] This is my best guess

3.  This is a nifty toy for blind kids because: _________________________________


The following information is optional.  If you can provide it, great. If not, please skip to the bottom of this form, sign it, and send it in.

4. This toy is suitable for children at this age or developmental level: ______________

[ ] This is information from the toy manufacturer

[ ] This is my best guess

5. Other information about the toy I think you should know: _________________


Nominated by: ________________________________________________


I am a [ ] parent  [ ] teacher  [ ] blind student   [ ] other

If you have questions about my toy nomination, you can contact me at:

Email: _________________________________________________________

Telephone Numbers:

Home _______________ Work __________________ Cell  _________________

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