Future Reflections                                                                                                           Fall 2004

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Free Braille Book Bags
Thanks to a grant from Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation, National Braille Press and Seedlings Braille Books for Children are distributing free Braille book bags to American families of young blind children, ages birth to seven. Go to ReadBooks! at <www.braille.com> or call 888-965-8965, extension 34.

Math Teaching Aid
Math Window™ is a low-tech mathematics teaching aid that allows a blind and visually impaired student to learn math concepts and set-up and solve math problems. The kit includes a framed magnetic board, 156 numeral and math symbols in Nemeth Braille code and print, 6 separation lines, and a canvas carrying case with handles. Also available is an Algebra Add-On Kit. For more information contact Wolf Products, 106 Purvis Road, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001. (724) 285-5428, <www.mathwindow.com>, <wolfproducts@mathwindow.com>

New, Improved Easy-to-Read Font
The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) announces a new easy-to-read font designed especially for people with low vision.  Developed under the guidance of APH leader Elaine Kitche, APHont™ was tested by a number of institutions before its public release.  Sr. Elaine George of St. Lucy’s Day School in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, found that sixty percent of her students who read large print preferred APHont™ (the next highest percentage was twenty-two). Visit ww.aph.org/products/aphont.html> to download APHont™ directly, after certifying its use for or by persons with visual impairments. For more information, contact Gary Gregoricka, Public Affairs, (800) 223-1839, ext. 457 or <prassistant@aph.org>.

Braille Transcription Services
Multimedia Transcription Service (MTS) is a non-profit organization in Hackensack, New Jersey. We offer quick and accurate transcription in literary Braille and Nemeth code of texts ranging from first-grade primers through college level mathematics and chemistry. We also offer many foreign language transcriptions. Our customers include APH, educational institutions, government and non-profit agencies, corporations, hospitals, theaters, and individuals. If this information could be helpful to any parents looking for publications to be done for their children, we would be pleased to work with them. For more information, contact: Cathy Zimmerman, Certified Braille Transcriptionist, Multimedia Transcription Service (MTS), 131 Main Street, Suite 120, Hackensack, NJ 07601. (201) 996-9423, fax: (201) 996-9422, <mts.ber@hipcil.org>.

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