Future Reflections Convention 1992, Vol. 11 No. 5



     Every year the National Federation of the Blind awards an impressive array of scholarships to an equally impressive array of blind post-secondary students. The task of selecting the winners is never easy. First, the members of the National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Committee, chaired by Peggy Pinder of Iowa, must pore over hundreds of scholarship applications to select the 26 winners who will attend the convention (expenses paid by the NFB) to compete for the various scholarships. Then during convention week Committee members must find the time to get to know each of the winners in order to make the final judgments in the competition for the cash awards which range from $2,000 to $10,000. The scholarship winners are introduced early in the convention at the Board of Directors meeting, where they get a few seconds to tell a little bit about themselves. The scholarship awards are made later in the week at the annual convention banquet.

     Here are the 1992 winners as they were introduced at the convention Board of Directors meeting. After the name of the student is the name of the state from which the winner comes and then the sate in which he or she will be a student in the fall of 1992. Following the transcript of the comments the scholarship recipient made as each was introduced is the scholarship award he or she received later in the week at the convention banquet.

     Shelly Berger, Colorado, Colorado: "Hello. I am a junior at Colorado State University. I am hoping to get into veterinary school. I just wanted to let Dr. Jernigan know that I have been taking my NFB vitamins for the past years, and it has really been a help. Thank you." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Katharine Bond, Virginia, Massachusetts: "I'm very honored. I am going to be studying art history this fall at Williams College. I have worked in the art museum field for the last five years as an assistant art curator at the State Archives in Maryland and as a full staff member at a small museum as a collections manager. I have an undergraduate degree from St. John's College, and I'm delighted to represent blind people in this field." **$4,000 NFB Scholarship

     Ann Marie Bovaird, Ohio, Kentucky: "It's a great honor to be here. Last December I graduated with a bachelor's degree in international studies from Miami University of Ohio. Beginning in August I will start pursuing a master's degree in international affairs from the Paterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky. Thank you very much." **$2,500 Frank Walton Horn Memorial Scholarship

     Dennis Bowling, Illinois, Illinois: "Hi. I'm Dennis Bowling, and I'm very glad to be here. I will be starting my third year of doctoral studies at Loyola University of Chicago this fall, but in many, many respects--perhaps in the most important respect—my education began here on Sunday night at 5 o'clock." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Heather Certner, Maryland, Maryland: "Hi. My name again is Heather Certner. I'm completing a master's in victimology, going on to the University of Maryland to start a J.D. and a Ph.D. I just want to thank you all for letting me have the opportunity to be here. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and learning from all of you as well." **$2,500 NFB Scholarship

     Richard Chen, New Jersey, Massachusetts: "Hi. My name is Richard Chen. I go to Harvard University. I'm currently a sophomore, studying government, international relations; and I hope to become an international lawyer or a corporate lawyer. So I appreciate talking to any lawyers any time. I am currently going to Harvard summer school and working as a law intern." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Lora Felty, Kentucky, Kentucky: "Hi. First of all I just want to say that I am really, really honored to be here. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in English and secondary education last December, and I am starting this summer to work on a master's degree in special education/vision impairment from the University of Louisville. Thanks." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Jim Hamon, California, California: "I would like to say greetings to the most cantankerous, contentious group of citizens that have ever stood up and looked every gift horse in the mouth--not afraid to kick out the teeth if they need to either. I am really impressed. I study democratic process as a social institution. I am in the graduate Sociology Department at UC Berkeley." **$2,000 Ellen Setterfield Memorial Scholarship

     Mark Heaphy, Virginia, Connecticut: "Good morning. My name is Mark Heaphy. I did my undergraduate work at the College of William and Mary in international relations and philosophy. I am currently a second-year graduate student at Yale University, studying international security programs." **$2,500 NFB Humanities Scholarship

     Jean Janicke, Texas, Belgium, and Massachusetts: "Thank you very much. I'm Jean Janicke. I'm thrilled and delighted to be the imported scholarship recipient this year. I am currently working in Brussels, Belgium, and in September I will be starting a master's degree in public policy at Harvard University." **$2,000 Hermione Grant Calhoun Scholarship

     Kristen Jocums, Utah, Utah: "Good morning. I am currently a third-year law student at the University of Utah. I am also chapter president of the Salt Lake City Chapter of the NFB of Utah, also a treasurer of the newly-formed student chapter of the NFB of Utah. I would like to thank all of you for making this opportunity possible. It's through each of us that we as blind people can become successful. Thank you." **$2,500 NFB Scholarship

     Heather Kirkwood, Germany, Kansas: "Hello. I will be a sophomore in the fall. I'm majoring in political science and minoring in journalism. I've been a member of the Federation for about a year now. I love this group because it's a strong group, a united group, and a caring group." **$2,500 NFB Scholarship

     Kristen Knouse, New Jersey, Illinois: "Good morning. I'm going into my second year of graduate study at Northwestern University. I'm studying speech and language pathology. I work with patients with communications disorders such as stroke, head injury, and voice problems. I also enjoy horseback riding in what spare time I have. It's a real honor for me to be here with the National Federation of the Blind because there are only a few blind people in the field of speech pathology, and I may be the first. So thank you for allowing me to be one of the openers in the field." **$4,000 Anne Pekar Memorial Scholarship

     Christopher Kuczynski, Pennsylvania, Connecticut: "Fellow Federationists, good morning. I am a 1986 graduate of Villanova University, from which I received my B.A. in English literature. I received my law degree from Temple University Law School in Philadelphia in 1989. After three years in private practice, I've decided to pursue a career in law teaching and, to that end, will be attending Yale University Law School's Masters of Laws program beginning in September. This is my seventh national convention, my sixth in a row, and I'm honored and delighted to be at this one as a national scholarship winner." **$2,500 Howard Brown Rickard Scholarship

     Jana Littrell, California, California: "Hi. I'm glad to be here. Conventions are my favorite places to be. This is my sixth one. I would like to work with blind children, so I'm currently attending San Francisco State University. I will receive teaching credentials, one in special education, working with blind children, another in social studies, and a master's degree in special education." **$4,000 NFB Scholarship

     Charles Marston, Florida, Florida: "Hello. I just graduated from Miami Senior High in the City of Miami. I graduated number eleven from a class of 700 students. I'm going to the honors program at Miami Dade Community College and then transfer to Florida International University. I would like to become a lawyer and work in the civil rights field. Thanks." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Brad Martin, Alabama, Alabama: "Hello. I graduated sixth in a class of about 260 at the age of seventeen. I will be pursuing a degree at Springhill College in communication arts, going in as a freshmore, meaning that I will start with thirty hours of college credit for work completed in my high school career. Thank you." **$2,500 NFB Scholarship

     Tonya McCluskey, Montana, Wyoming: "I'm going to go to Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, in the fall. I'm going to major in equine studies, and I'm going to have a minor in agri-business. I want to some day own my own working horse and cattle ranch." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Marla Medford, North Carolina, South Carolina: "Hello. I'm pleased to be here, and thank you for the opportunity to be at my first convention. I am originally from North Carolina, the mountains near Waynesville. I received a B.S. in mathematics from Western Carolina University, an M.S. in mathematics from Clemson University, and am currently working on a Ph.D. in mathematics from Clemson, where I am a teaching assistant. Thank you." **$2,500 NFB Educator of Tomorrow Award

     Peggy Pinder: "You should all be sure to congratulate Marla, too, on her upcoming marriage in about a week and a half."

     Chad Newcomb, Wisconsin, Minnesota: "Hi. Good morning to all of you. Next year I will be attending Winona State University, where I will be majoring in composite materials engineering and pursuing a minor or perhaps second major in English. And while I am up here, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you because you have really opened up a world of opportunities to us as scholarship recipients. You have made it so much easier for all of us. Thanks." **$3,000 Melva T. Owen Memorial Scholarship

     Ali Nizamuddin, Illinois, New York: "Good morning everyone. I am a second-year Ph.D. student at Columbia University, pursuing political science. Within political science my specialization is international relations. Within IR my focus is on Japan. Within Japan I am studying Japanese securities issues. Anyway, I have been in the Federation for the past five years, and I joined in 1987. I went to the Phoenix convention primarily because I wanted a vacation. I have stayed and will continue to do so, because I have never been involved in an organization or society or a group whose members love each other as much as the members of this organization do. Thank you very much. I am delighted to be here."  **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     T.V. Raman, New York, New York: "Hi. My name is Raman and first let me say how happy I am to be here at the convention. This is the first time I am getting in contact with the NFB, and it's been a great experience so far, and I think it will continue to be the same during the convention and hereafter. As I said, my name is Raman, and I'm a graduate student at Cornell, working on my Ph.D. in applied math and computer science. Thank you." **$2,000 Kuchler-Killian Memorial Scholarship

     Gary Scott, California, Pennsylvania: "Thank you, Peggy, and all the members of the Committee, the Board, and the membership for allowing me the opportunity to come and experience this convention. My experience so far has been highly inspirational, illuminating, and empowering. It's quite an event. I am finishing my doctorate this year at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh in philosophy, where my main areas of concentration will be medical and business ethics, political philosophy, and theories of perception. Thank you." **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Carlos Servan, New Mexico, New Mexico: "Good morning. My name is Carlos Servan. Next semester I'm going to be a senior at the University of New Mexico, majoring in political science and international programs. After that I'm going to law school to study international business law. I'm very glad to win a scholarship. I also went to Puerto Rico to organize a chapter over there. I am the current president of the Student Division in New Mexico. I'm in the honors program at the University of New Mexico. I was elected senator of the University of New Mexico three months ago. Thank you." **$10,000 Ezra B. Davis Memorial Scholarship

     Corinna Trujillo, Colorado, Colorado: "Good morning. I'm Corinna Trujillo. I'm a professional dancer and choreographer, and I'm a student of the humanities at the University of Colorado. I'd like to use my last fifteen seconds in sharing my favorite quote with you. This is by an unknown author, but I'm sure it's a thought that's shared by all of us: `There is no chance, no fate, no destiny that can circumvent, hinder, or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.'" **$2,000 NFB Merit Scholarship

     Ramon Vela, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts: "Good morning. My name is Ramon Vela. I am from Puerto Rico, as Peggy said. So it's a special honor for me to be a scholarship winner at the same year and the same convention that my affiliate has been accepted. I will begin studying in the graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall, working on a Ph.D. in political science, and some day I hope that I can put that training to good use and help the Federation teach uppity Congressional staff people a lesson or two about blind people." **$2,500 NFB Scholarship

     Peggy Pinder: "And there, Mr. President and members of the National Federation of the Blind, are the twenty-six scholarship winners this year." [applause]