Future Reflections Convention 1992, Vol. 11 No. 5



     One of the pleasures of parenthood is watching our children mature. Sometimes the changes are dramatic and sudden: the first step; the first day of school; the first tooth to come out; the first overnight with a friend; the first date. But other changes are so subtle that we hardly notice them. One day we notice that our child is not only a little taller but a little more--well--mature in manner and behavior; and we wonder how and when this transformation took place.

     Such a transformation has taken place in the growth and maturity of the parents movement within the National Federation of the Blind. This subtle new maturity was evident at the 1992 National Convention. At the parents seminar on Sunday, June 28, Dr. Jernigan, Executive Director of the NFB, issued a challenge to parents. He said, "If you really have planned to come here just for the Parents Division, think again. That is shortsightedness....You have as much interest in the problems of every adult blind person today as you do in anything else because your child is going to be judged by all of us who are now blind and who are adults. The kind of opportunities your child will have tomorrow will depend on what this outfit does today; therefore you ought to be in on it. When we are discussing what resolutions to pass, about what policies to set, you ought to be participating in it. What we are doing is serious business. It is as serious as the life and destiny of your child. What you do right now in the whole business of dealing with blind people will determine what kind of life your child will have. It's that serious and that important."

     This year, record numbers of parents accepted this challenge and stayed for the entire convention. The presence of parents of blind children was evident in almost every business meeting as well as social activity of the convention. Everywhere--in the Resolutions Committee meeting; National NFB Board of Directors meeting; division meetings and seminars; Braille Workshop; Music Division Talent Show; banquet; exhibit hall; state affiliate caucus meetings--parents and blind kids were a visible and vital  part of the 1992 convention proceedings.

     Many families chronicle the growth and maturity of their children through family photos. The following eight pages is our photo chronicle of the 1992 National Federation of the Blind Convention, and of the parents and children who have become an integral and dynamic part of this movement.