Future Reflections Summer 1991

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(My true story)

by Sindy Greenwell, Grade 5

Lothian Elementary School

Ann Arundel County [Maryland]

Reprinted from the Baltimore Sun newpaper, Monday, March 25, 1991.

I was born blind. I could read large print until I was 5. Now I'm 10 and totally blind. I go to a public school. Being blind requires a 10-pound brailler and a cane about one meter long. The more I grow, the bigger the cane. My friends are very helpful, and I can trust them. I can climb on the bars at recess. I can do anything I want if I try. You see, being blind doesn't mean a thing. Just because I may mess up on something doesn't mean it's the end of the world. I could always try again. And I don't need much help on things, either. Now you know what it's like being blind.


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