Future Reflections Summer 1991

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The Student Division of the National Federation of the Blind is an organization dedicated to considering and acting upon issues of concern to blind students. With affiliates in over 20 states around the country, and a Board of Directors with members in widespread geographic locations from Connecticut to California, the Student Division provides an excellent nationwide network for blind students.

The Student Division incorporates two basic areas of endeavor. It is both a self-support network for blind students and a mechanism for political action. Serving as the collective voice of organized blind students in America, the Student Division meets on a continuing basis with such major service providers as Recording for the Blind and the Educational Testing Service. Our affiliates, called Student Chapters, also work on both levels (personal network support and collective action) to promote better opportunities for blind students in their areas.

We are devoted to changing what it means to be a blind student in America. There are great opportunities both to give and receive through involvement in the National Federation of the Blind Student Division. For information, contact:

Michael Baillif

NFB Student Division President

31548 Larga Vista Road

Valley Center, California 92082

(619) 749-0103.


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