Future Reflections April/May/June 1985, Vol. 4 No. 2

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(Editor's Note: Here are some ideas from parents that other parents of young blind children may find helpful. The feeding tip and shoe tying tip are from the parents newletter, Perceive , out of Colorado. The others are from, Contrast , a parents newsletter of a group in New York.)

Shoe Tying Tips:

Help kids learn to tie their shoes. The poem below and an oak-tag or cardboard shoe with laces ("round," "flat," right side are all you need). One method to make the two sides different, (suggested by Rose Marie Bustin), is to purchase two different shoelaces such as a flat and a round pair of laces. Cut one of each pair of laces in half and tie one flat and one round lace together on the cut end. Lace through two holes you have punched on cardboard shoe. Be sure the laces are long enough to work with easily.

Round on top, flat below,
Cross them, point them toward your toe
Round under the flat, right through
the loop.
Isn't that a pretty hoop?
Take thumb and pointer, pull them
Good! You're doing it just right.
Take thumb and pointer on each hand.
Make two loops. Isn't that grand?
Flat loop on top. Round loop below.
Take your time--do it so.
Are you ready? Push the flat loop
Pull both loops. You tied your shoe!

If your child has some vision, try colored shoelaces. "Red on top. Green below..." (Adapted from the "Instructor," Feb. 1978)

Feeding Tip by Diane Christner :

In trying to teach my two-year-old to scoop with a spoon, with little success, I finally came up with a solution that seems to be working for her. She was waving her spoon all around the bowl and tray, never getting close to the food. Finally I began holding her wrist down on the side of the bowl and telling her to scoop. She now seems to be getting the idea. This is an alternative to try, when the more traditional methods fail.

To help children cut out shapes, draw the outline with white glue and allow it to dry untouched. Child will feel the outline while cutting.

If a child has trouble with scissors, score the paper with the edge of the scissors or a knife and let the child tear out the shapes.

Add sawdust or sand to paint to make the final product easier to recognize.

Different size balls hanging from Sew a BIG button on to one corner of the ceiling are a neat way to set up a towel for the beach or pool or camp, the solor system for teaching older Makes it easier to find among many on youngsters about the planets. the ground or hanging. Also sew a BIG button on the leg cuff of trunks or bathing suits.

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