Braille Monitor                                                    May 2008

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CCB Students Go to the Prom

by Lorinda Riddle

CCB student Booth Calder from Nashville, Tennessee, snaps her fingers while DJ Joe Goode spins the tunes.From the Editor: May is prom month across the country, including the Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB). The following little photo essay is reprinted from the Spring 2007 NFB of Colorado Newsletter.

The CCBs Business Enterprise Program trainees provided a three-course, formal, sit-down dinner for students, staff, and visitors. The meal was expertly prepared, presented, and enjoyed by all.Colorado Center students are always busy. They have classes at the center in technology, travel, Braille, home management, and industrial arts. When not in class they head out to the mountains for rock climbing, fishing trips, and camping and canoeing activities. But sometimes girls (and boys) just want to have fun. So center student Erin Scala decided to organize a prom night, complete with meal, prom photos, and dancing to the sounds of a DJ.

Upstate New York resident Erin Scala and Pete Treyo from Arizona, dressed to the nines, dance under the blue and white streamers.The CCB student body formed a prom committee. Student body members Pete Treyo, Aaron Prince, and Richard Mouriquand purchased food, hired a DJ, and lined up a photographer. Center students Aviance Gardner, Booth Calder, and Anna Roberts helped to create a party atmosphere with decorations of streamers, balloons, and other festive decorations.

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