The Braille Monitor                                                                                                  May 2005

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All Roads Lead to the Galt House
by Nickie Priddy

The skyline of Louisville
The skyline of Louisville

From the Editor: Nickie Priddy is a life-long Louisville resident who has been on the board of the Greater Louisville Chapter of the NFB of Kentucky for two years. She will also be hosting Kentucky’s Hospitality Suite at this year’s convention. Here is what she says about the area around our convention hotels:

The streets of Louisville are laid out in a grid pattern, running either north-south or east-west. Turning left outside the Galt House East and traveling south on Fourth Street, you cross these streets: Main, Market, Jefferson, Liberty, Muhammad Ali Boulevard, Chestnut, and Broadway. Traveling east on any of these streets from Fourth Street, you cross these north-south streets: Third, Second, First, Brook, Floyd, and Preston. Traveling west from Fourth Street, you cross Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth.

 Let’s take a walking tour and see what we can find. Walking three blocks south on Fourth brings you to the newly renovated 4th Street Live!, which offers dining, shopping, and entertainment. 4th Street Live! occupies the entire block between Liberty and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Continuing south on Fourth after crossing Chestnut, you find a Walgreen’s drug store and in the next block the Palace Theater and plenty of lunchtime favorites. Walking east on Chestnut then left (north) on Third and traveling four blocks, you come to the Old Spaghetti Factory, located on the northeast corner of Third and Market. If you head west on the north side of Market, at the next corner, which is Fourth, you find Kuntz’s restaurant, a Louisville favorite for lunch and dinner. Continuing west on Market then turning right (north) on Fifth for two blocks, you come to the Belvedere, which is a great gathering place for festivals and where the world-famous Thunder over Louisville is held. The Belvedere offers benches, tables, fountains, and great views of the Ohio River. It is also easy to get to the Belvedere from the Galt House West.

West of the intersection of Main and Fifth is the Kentucky Center for the Arts. The Louisville Science Center is located at Eighth and Main and boasts a wide variety of exhibits, including the IMAX theater. The Louisville Slugger Museum stands on the south side of Main at Ninth Street. You won’t be able to miss the four story bat on display outside the museum.

Louisville is home to many more attractions and entertainment. Please stop by the Kentucky information table in the lobby of the Galt House East if you have questions or need ideas for planning outings. You may also want to visit the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, located in the Kentucky International Convention Center on the southwest corner of Third and Market, (502) 584-2121 or (800) 626-5646.

There are several different ways to get around downtown Louisville. One is the Fourth Street Trolley, which runs from the Galt House to Fourth and Broadway. Another is the Main Street Trolley, which runs west on Main to Eighth and east on Market Street to Slugger Field. The trolley fare is twenty-five cents. Cabs are always available outside the Galt House, or you can call Yellow Cab at (502) 636-5511. TARC (Transit Authority of River City) has fixed-route service throughout the city. Its phone number is (502) 585-1234 and its Web site is <> The closest routes to the Galt House are the #2 Second Street, #4 Fourth Street, and #6 Sixth Street buses. You can catch them at the southeast corner of Fourth and Main Streets. You can get to and from the airport directly using the #2 Second Street bus. The bus stop at the airport is at the east end of the lower-level terminal. Regular TARC bus fare is $1. If you are eligible for paratransit in your hometown, you can arrange for service while in Louisville. You may call one week in advance for rides. The reservations line is (502) 560-0333.

Look forward to seein’ y’all this summer.

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