The Braille Monitor                                                                                              February, 2004

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The NFB rooftop sign now reads "National Federation of the Blind Institute Grand Opening January 30th" in large red letters on a white field with a full-color Whozit on the left.   The U.S.flag can be seen flying behind and above the sign.
The sign on the roof of the National Center for the Blind.


On the billboard pictured here the words "National Federation of the Blind" appear on the left with a full-color Whozit on the right.   Below the words is a picture of the model of the Institute and at the bottom right are the words, "Grand Openng January 30th"
Billboards at I-395 and I-95 South

During the month of January residents of Baltimore, and especially those who traveled I-95 or drove through the Inner Harbor area, became aware that on January 30 the NFB Research and Training Institute was going to open with a gala celebration. First we covered our forty-foot-long lighted rooftop sign with a banner announcing the grand opening. All those who drive along I-95 can easily read our sign as they drive by. Next we rented two billboards for the month of January, one at the I-395 exit from Baltimore City and the other on I-95 South, to remind passersby of the opening. Then, during the final ten days or so of the month, we posted banners with the same message over two streets leading into the Harbor area.

On a banner stretching across the street, the words "National  Federation of the Blind" are flush left and superimposed on Whozit, while on the right are the words "Research and Training Institute Grand Opening January 30, 2004"
From January 20 through the first week in February, Baltimore City street banners on both sides of the Inner Harbor announced the NFBRTI grand opening.

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