Libra Robinson

Libra Robinson is the owner and CEO of N'Sight VIP Services, an organization that provides training and instruction for the JAWS screen-reader program as well as instruction in Braille and smartphone usage. 

Libra is committed to ensuring that proper training is provided to all within the blind and low-vision community, and to motivating her students to succeed and live a fuller more independent life.

One supporter stated, "[Libra] instills in all of the blind consumers the term you can live the life you want, blindness is not what holds you back."

Libra currently serves as president of the National Federation of the Blind Greater Washington DC chapter and the first vice president of the NFB DC affiliate. 

Libra Robinson was presented with a Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award July 12, 2019. Read more about the 2019 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award recipients