Bristol Braille Technology

Bristol Braille Technology is a company based in the United Kingdom that recently released the Canute 360, the "world's first multi-line digital Braille e-reader."

The Canute 360 is a standalone desktop e-reader, compatible with all six-dot Braille codes. It can be used for text, mathematics, music, tables, and charts. It can read BRF and PEF files, has 360 cells (i.e., nine lines of forty characters of Braille), and supports tactile graphics.

Founder and managing director Ed Rogers said, "So as you can tell, that's a radical and quite revolutionary amount of Braille. It means you can present spatial Braille information, even basic tactile diagrams, but more importantly you can present mathematics, music, tables... it just opens up electronic Braille to a much wider range of users."

Distribution is expected soon.

Bristol Braille Technology was presented with a Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award July 12, 2019. Read more about the 2019 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award recipients