West Virginia

The NFB BELL Academy will offer one location in West Virginia this year.

Primary Contact

Sheri Koch
Phone: 304-993-5103 
Email: slk8332015@gmail.com

Location #1: Charleston

Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church
108 Oakwood Rd. 
Charleston, WV 25314 

Monday, 07/22/2019 to Friday, 07/26/2019 
9:00 am to 3:00 pm 

There is no registration fee. Lunch will be provided. Participants will plan and prepare their daily lunch except for the day of the field trip when lunch will be eaten out, at cost to the NFBWV BELL Academy. If transportation is an issue, Rev. Jim McCune and staff of the Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church will provide rides for students within a twenty-five mile radius. 

The 2019 NFBWV BELL Academy is now accepting blind and visually Impaired children, ages six through fourteen. Program participants can expect a fun-filled week of reading and writing braille, games, shopping at our Munchie Mart, travel training, enhancing their creativity and imagination through nonvisual and tactile art, and so much more. 

A special field trip has been planned to the Culture Center to visit the West Virginia Museum. Students will enjoy a chronological walk through the state’s history from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. All exhibits have an auditory component, and students will tactile-ly explore selected artifacts and exhibits. 

To register for this location, please visit the national NFB BELL Academy page

Program Coordinator: Sheri Koch
Phone: 304-993-5103 
Email: slk8332015@gmail.com