Meet the Blind Month

The National Federation of the Blind celebrates Meet the Blind Month every October. Throughout the month, our members conduct a variety of outreach activities in their local communities. Many of these activities center on White Cane Awareness Day which is October 15. This year we are also focusing on lived experiences in our local communities with problem solving, self-confidence, and intersectionality.

White Cane Awareness Day

A man and a woman with white canes sit at a table with a banner on it that says Greater Akron Chapter, National Federation of the Blind.

    The National Federation of the Blind celebrates White Cane Awareness Day every year on October 15. For blind people, the white cane is an essential tool that gives us the ability to achieve a full and independent life. It allows us to move freely and safely from place to place—whether it's at work, at school, or around our neighborhoods.

    White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation

    Anyone can encourage their local government to issue a White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation. This is a great way to involve your local community and educate the public about the blind. Please print out either the White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation (HTML) or the White Cane Awareness Day Proclamation (Word) and share it with your local administration. 

    Courtesy Rules of Blindness

    Our sighted friends often ask for advice regarding what they should do or say when meeting a blind person. Blind people are ordinary people, so please don't be nervous around us. We are also highly capable people, so please don’t grab our arms, our canes, or our guide dogs if we haven't asked you to do so. For more tips, we invite you to read our courtesy rules of blindness.

    Lived Experiences with Problem Solving

    We invite employers to encourage their employees, particularly those in diversity and inclusion departments, human resources, and all hiring managers, to attend one of our Meet the Blind Month webinars on lived experiences with problem solving. We are hosting hour-long webinars on October 19 and October 29 that will cover problem-solving skills, partnership opportunities, the blindness benefit, and accommodations. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn to value diversity. 

    Lived Experiences with Self-Confidence

    Every day we work to break down misconceptions of what it means to be blind. Nonvisual training and Federation philosophy build our confidence so we can conquer our dreams. This year we will be sharing stories of our self-confidence and why it is important. Stay tuned for more details!

    Lived Experiences with Intersectionality

    Join us each Wednesday in October on Twitter to discuss our lived experiences with various intersectional identities—which are also subject to inequalities, public misconceptions, and injustices. Learn more about Twitter chats.

    2020 Activities Across the Country

    San Joaquin County Chapter, California

    • October 1-15: Virtual White Cane Walk—Our NFB members and supporters will share videos and photos of themselves with white canes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 
    • October 1-2: The Courtesy Rules of Blindness will be distributed in print and electronic “Multicultural COVID-19 Resource Kits” throughout San Joaquin County on October 1 and 2, 2020 as part of the Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin’s Virtual 12th Annual Multicultural Health and Resource Fair.
    • October 2-3: Fundraiser at Mountain Mike’s Pizza, 1000 W. Robinhood Dr., Stockton—Mention “NFB” when phoning in for delivery from this location of Mountain Mike’s only (no DoorDash) or show our Mountain Mike’s Meet the Blind fundraiser flyer on your phone when ordering carryout October 2-3, 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; 30 percent of your purchase will be donated to our chapter. No paper flyer is required. 
    • October 15: White Cane Awareness Day Profile Photo Swap Campaign—Our chapter is asking our members, our families, friends, and other supporters of the blind to swap out their social media profile pictures all day October 15 for a photo of a white cane.
    • November 5: Whirlow’s White Cane Awareness Fundraiser—Dine for the blind! Support the NFB November 5, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at Whirlow’s Restaurant, 1926 Pacific Ave., Stockton. Grab some great food for takeout or outdoor dining at our traditional White Cane Awareness Day fundraiser site. Just mention “NFB” when ordering November 5 and 20 percent of your bill will be donated to support our chapter. No paper flyer is required.

    Previous Meet the Blind Month Activities

    Looking for ideas for your first or next Meet the Blind Month activity? Check out some of the past activities organized by our members.