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The Diabetes Travel Guide, 2nd EditionIf you plan to leave home this summer, you’ll want to get a copy of The Diabetes Travel Guide, 2nd Edition by Davida F. Kruger (American Diabetes Association, 2006). The sub-title, “how to travel with diabetes—anywhere in the world” sums up the very useful contents. Inside you’ll find advice for all aspects of travel, from preparation and packing right through to coping with an illness on your trip.

Along the way Ms. Kruger covers how to: manage your medicines through interruptions in routine or time-zone changes; choose the right foods when eating away from home; prepare for taking different modes of transportation, and handle increased physical demands on your body. Helpful boxes and tables provide planning tips and easy reference throughout the book. A list of phrases you might need, such as “May I please have some sugar or fruit juice or Coke?” and “Where may I buy medicine?” is at the back in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. Ms. Kruger points out that not only can you learn or read out these phrases, you can also carry a copy to show people if you need help.

An especially interesting chapter called “Planning for Special Situations” describes how to prepare for adventures like scuba diving, high-altitude hiking, and camping in the wilderness. As Ms. Kruger says, “You can travel wherever you want to go. There’s no reason diabetes should keep you from doing anything you want to do.” So take a trip through this handy and informative book before you leave home and then make it your travel companion. Bon voyage!