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Help Create Exciting Web Resource
Where Do Blind Diabetics Work?

There is never enough good information out there on the employability of the blind. The NFB Writers’ Division is creating a new web resource about jobs to be hosted on the NFB’s Jernigan Institute Web site.

Our target audiences include:

• Individual blind and visually impaired people exploring career options (first job seekers or career changers)
• Employers considering hiring blind people
• Professionals providing Vocational and Career Counseling
• Families wondering what the future holds for their blind or visually impaired child
• Others learning about the potential of blind people

We need you to accomplish this goal. We are collecting as many job descriptions as possible. We know that not all blind people do the same job in the same way.

How Can I Help?
Help us create the most impressive complete job resource on the web. Fill out a form and get your blind and visually impaired friends to do the same.

But I am not totally blind...

We know that vision loss affects employment even if a person is not totally blind. If you have a visual deficit which requires you to use some alternative techniques to carry out you job duties, then you are eligible to contribute to this effort.

But I am not working now...
That is fine, tell us about the job you did and how you did it.

How about past careers?
You can fill out a form for each job you have held as a blind person; this way we can build a very complete database.

Send your story in print, on tape,
in Braille or via e-mail to:
Robert Leslie Newman
504 S 57th Street
Omaha, NE 68106

Note: If you are open to being contacted, consider registering with NFB-LINK; this innovative program pairs blind individuals seeking information or advice with experienced Federationists able to mentor them. (See accompanying article on previous page.)

Where Do The Blind Work?
Job Description Form

To complete this form online go to: or
Note: Total answer not to exceed 1,000 words.

1. What is your name and job title?

2. What do you do on the job?

3. Describe your blindness. What adaptations do you use at work? Note: Consider naming the condition or briefly describe it your way. Otherwise briefly describe it your way. As for the adaptations, describe the common sense strategies as well as the more formal low vision and/or non-visual methods and/or equipment you use.

4. What training, education, experience and certifications are required to do this job, and where would you get them?

5. What helped you succeed in your career? Did you have a mentor or peer support or consumer/advocacy group?