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Breaking Barriers

by Jean Bening

Amelia Lane and Jamie Allison find a shark with their canes at the 2015 FUN-a-thlonFrom the Editor: The NOPBC has discovered a great way to put some fun into fundraising!

On the afternoon of Monday, July 6, the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children offered its second annual FUNdraiser: the Breaking Barriers FUN-a-thlon, coordinated by Jean Bening, Sandra Oliver, and Penny Duffy. Thirty-five children and teens raised funds in their communities and at convention by inviting friends and acquaintances to sponsor their participation in the activity.

The opening event of the FUN-a-thlon was an inflatable obstacle course. Participants squeezed between inflatable barriers, climbed to the top of the world, and slid down a slide to the next adventure. In the maze of wet fun, the participants tested their cane skills by maneuvering through a herd of alligators. Spectators and fellow participants added friendly rainfall to heighten the excitement.

The final adventure in the course was a swim through shark-infested waters (inflatable sharks in the hotel pool--no danger involved!). Unfortunately, Florida weather conditions put the shark-infested waters out of bounds, as the hotel closed the pool ten minutes before the start of the event. However, the participants were still able to enjoy the inflatable obstacle course and maze of wet fun. The inflatable obstacle course was a particular favorite, and participants asked to tackle the challenge multiple times.

Arianna Benally gets a surprise soaking.Each participant received a medal, and prizes were awarded to the top fundraisers. Here is a list of the top fundraisers and the prizes they received:

First Place: Anna Catherine Walker--Bookport DT (donated by American Printing House for the Blind)
Second Place: Nick Oliver--$150.00 HumanWare gift certificate (donated by HumanWare)
Third Place: Abigail Duffy--KNFB Reader App (donated by KNFB Reader LLC)

Three participants tied for fourth place:

Aunya Anderson--JAWS Home License (donated by Freedom Scientific)
Aanor Benally--Bluetooth Speaker (donated by AT Guys) and $50 Gift Card (donated by Envision America)
Arianna Benally--Sensational Blackboard (donated by Sensational Blackboard) and Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock (donated by LS&S)

Additional donations for prizes were received from 64 Oz. Games and the NFB Independence Market. The FUN-a-thlon also sold ten-dollar commemorative T-shirts to celebrate the FUN-a-thlon and the seventy-fifth anniversary of the NFB. The event raised over twelve hundred dollars. Judging by the looks on the participants' faces, I believe that plenty of FUN was had by all.

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