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Technology Resource List
Whether you're a novice just getting your feet wet in blindness technology or a pro wanting to keep up with the latest innovations, this list is a comprehensive resource unlike anything else out there. It groups technology by topic, and it gives details about features and pricing.


Volunteer Spot
Volunteer Spot is a website that makes volunteering easier by providing free signup sheets, volunteer scheduling software, and volunteer management software. Whether you're organizing a project or signing up to volunteer your time, this site will prove helpful.

Family Friendly Volunteering, Ideas from A to Z
This site provides an online brochure with a selection of ideas for projects that are both fun and useful to the community. Get ideas for helping animal rescue organizations, running clothing drives, distributing gently used books, collecting used toys for children in foster care, and much more.


Stay Still, Squeaky!
Sonokids Ballyland
Stay Still, Squeaky! is an interactive, accessible audio ebook for the iPad. The book engages children with both sound and visual effects, so blind and visually impaired children can share it with sighted siblings and friends. High-quality audio (narration, sound effects, and song) carries this fun story for very young children. The audio is complemented with graphics in bright colors and strong contrasts. This book is available for download through the Apple Store.

White Cane Day
by Kristin Grender
Illustrated by Jacob Slovacek
ISBN: 9781633186071
Kristin Grender is a TVI and O&M instructor in Wisconsin. After searching in vain for a book that would explain White Cane Day to her students, she decided to write one herself. This book for very young children presents White Cane Day from a child's point of view.


Norton Anthology of Western Music
The National Library Service Music Section has added the sixth edition of the Norton Anthology of Western Music to its Braille collection. This new edition adds more music and also includes a third volume dedicated solely to twentieth-century composers such as Duke Ellington, Scott Joplin, and Morton Feldman. The hardcopy Braille text consists of twenty volumes, providing historical notes, tactile graphics, and other contextual information. The book can be ordered from the NLS Music Section using Catalog No. BRM 36037, or it can be downloaded in electronic Braille from NLS BARD. The NLS Music Library contains Braille and large-print musical scores and manuals on teaching and transcribing Braille music.


Childhood Explorer
Association for Childhood Education International
Childhood Explorer is an online publication that focuses on the experience of childhood around the world. It includes informative and inspirational stories about childhood and about projects and campaigns that provide quality education, care, and support to children and youth in diverse communities and circumstances.

Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
Contact: Kim Vecchio, (800) 747-4457, Extension 2279
Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly is an international, multidisciplinary journal designed to stimulate and communicate high scholarly inquiry related to physical activity for special needs populations. Articles are informed by a range of disciplines, including corrective therapy, gerontology, health care, occupational therapy, pediatrics, physical education, dance, sports medicine, physical therapy, recreation, and rehabilitation.


America the Beautiful--National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass
Contact: (888) 275-8747 (ASK-USGS)
The National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and several other federal agencies that manage parks and recreational areas offer a lifetime pass, free of charge, to any US citizen who has a permanent disability. Free annual passes are also available to members of the US military and their dependents. The pass allows the holder and accompanying passengers in a single, private, noncommercial vehicle to enter federally operated recreation sites across the country.


Free Transportation Guide
Mississippi State University National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision
A Transportation Guide for Persons Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision offers creative ideas for transportation options and tips on using specific modes of transportation. The guide can be downloaded in PDF or MS Word formats.


NFB Independence Market
200 E. Wells St. at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, MD 21230
Contact: (410) 659-9314, Extension 2216
The Independence Market of the National Federation of the Blind sells a variety of toys and games that can be enjoyed by blind and sighted players. Among them are backgammon, checkers, chess, nine man morris, sudoku, and an assortment of Braille playing cards.

64-Ounce Games
Contact: richard@64ouncegames.com
64-Ounce Games is a print-on-demand company that has created accessibility kits for more than fifty popular board and card games. In order to use an accessibility kit, you must have a retail version of the game. A sampling of the games available through the 64-Ounce Store includes Apples to Apples, Boss Monster, Cards Against Humanity, Citadels, Coin Age, and Coloretto.

Braille Games and Fun Toys for the Blind
Braille Superstore
The Braille Superstore offers card games and accessories, dominoes and dice, board games, and brain teasers. The sporting goods section features top quality balls with bells inside and wireless beeping units.

Perkins Solutions
Perkins Solutions sells a variety of games, puzzles, and toys for the blind, including large-print Bingo cards, Braille Rummicub, Braille Uno cards, Sudoku Touch, and the Audio Dart Master Talking Dartboard.

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