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Child Care in Orlando

by Carla McQuillan

Children between the ages of six weeks and twelve years are invited to attend child care during convention sessions this summer. The children will be divided into groups by age, with appropriate toys, games, and activities available to each. Child care is staffed by qualified, experienced teachers, including Michelle Chicone, a certified teacher of blind children.

Child care will be open during all general sessions of the national convention; the NOPBC Conference on Sunday, July 5; and Division Meeting Day on July 7. It will also be open during the convention banquet on Friday, July 10.

Throughout the day, the preschool and elementary-school children in child care will engage in a variety of activities. Activities will include dance, arts and crafts, water play, and daily field trips (available for an additional fee). During the banquet, the children will be provided with dinner and entertainment by Pirate Red, the magician/clown who provided entertainment last year.

For registration information and additional details regarding the program, please visit the NFB website at <www.nfb.org>. The registration deadline is June 15, or as space is available. See you in Orlando!

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