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Up On My Knees

by Serena Cucco

Holding the tow rope, Serena kneels on the knee board, grinning broadly.From the Editor: Many readers of Future Reflections know Serena Cucco through the writings of her mother, NOPBC past president Carol Castellano. Here is Serena in her own words, describing a summertime activity she has come to enjoy.

For years, try as I might, water skiing simply wasn't happening. I couldn't get up on those skis if my life depended on it! Then, a few years ago, it occurred to my Uncle Johnny, an engineer who really enjoys solving problems, that a device called a knee board might be the solution for me. Instead of starting in a crouch while holding onto the tow rope and being pulled to a standing position on skis, you simply kneel on the board. You hold onto the tow rope for dear life as the boat pulls you up and out of the water.

Getting on to the knee board takes quite a bit of strength and energy. One of the strong guys in the family holds the board steady as I pull myself on. He keeps holding the board till the boat starts to move. Then, off I go!

I follow along for a while in the wake of the boat, and then I feel the water turn choppy. I realize I'm going out of the wake as the driver turns the boat hard.

Now the fun begins! Suddenly I'm bouncing hard over the chop at high speed. I love it! I've been told I have an ear-to-ear grin on my face. Sometimes I go so far out that when I finally fall, the person who launched me has to swim quite a distance to come get me.

Now, instead of working hard and never getting up on those skis, I have to work hard to fall down when I want to stop my ride!

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