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The very symbol and substance of the new ideas, and the challenge to the old attitudes, can be found in the organized blind movement. We are determined to speak for ourselves, and with our own voice. The time is now, and the responsibility is ours. No one will give it to us. We must take it for ourselves. And take it we will!

In this time of transition, in this changing of the guard in the affairs of the blind, we might articulate our prospect and our vision by paraphrasing some words from the inaugural address of a recent President of the United States:

Let the word go out from this place and this moment that the torch has been passed to a new generation of blind Americans, a generation born in this century and fully belonging to it, a generation committed to the belief that all men and women (seeing or blind) are capable of independence and self-direction, of attaining equality and pursuing happiness in their own way, of serving each other and helping themselves--of walking alone and marching together.

--Kenneth Jernigan
"Blindness--Milestones and Millstones"

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