Braille Monitor                          January 2020

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New Federation Presidential Portrait Unveiled

On the fourth floor of the Jernigan Institute hang three portraits of the National Federation of the Blind’s longest serving presidents and most influential leaders—Jacobus tenBroek, Kenneth Jernigan, and Marc Maurer. You can find these portraits at the left end of hall leading east from the atrium to the lunchroom. On the opposite wall from these three framed portraits now hangs a portrait of our current (and fourth longest serving) president, Mark Riccobono. Rendered in oil on canvas, the portrait captures a smiling President Riccobono from chest up in his office at the Jernigan Institute. He is wearing a dark suit coat with a white shirt and crimson necktie. In the background is a view of the outdoors through the presidential office windows. Visible amidst the foliage across Wells Street is a couple of the 101 Wells converted apartment buildings with the Patapsco River in the background. Above the horizon is a soft blue sky with light scattered clouds. The twenty-inch-by-twenty-six-inch portrait hangs in a muted gold frame.

Artist Gavin Glakas has painted governors, senators, and congressmen with works hanging in such places as the United States Capitol and Georgetown University. Mr. Glakas spent time chatting with and photographing President Riccobono before beginning his work on the portrait.

A Federation flag hangs to hide the new portrait before its unveiling

The crowd gathered for the unveiling of the portrait

Barbara Loos prepares to unveil the portrait

The new portrait of President Riccobono unveiled

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