Braille Monitor                                     November 2017

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Independence Market Corner

by Ellen Ringlein

Print/Braille measuring cupsThe National Federation of the Blind Independence Market is the conduit through which our organization distributes our empowering literature to our members, friends, and the general public. As a service we also operate a blindness products store, which sells mostly low-tech items, designed to enhance the every-day independence of blind individuals.

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and Christmas, Hanukkah, and other end of the year holidays are just around the corner after that. Preparing and consuming delicious foods is part of all these holiday traditions. Many blind cooks love making delectable meals as much as their sighted peers.

For some recipes it is important to measure ingredients accurately. The Independence Market sells various helpful tools. We carry two different types of measuring cups and spoons which are labeled in Braille and large print. If you need to weigh your ingredients, you can choose between two models of talking kitchen scales.

Timing the cooking or baking process and checking the temperature of foods are important techniques which contribute to the successful outcome of meal preparation. The Independence Market carries both talking and tactile timers. Our all-purpose cooking thermometer can be used to check the temperature of meats and candy. And with the pot clip accessory it is easier to monitor the temperature of soups and sauces simmering on the stove. The all-purpose infrared thermometer is a useful tool for those using a flattop range.

We have other kitchen gadgets you may find useful. The knife with slicing guide enables the user to slice many foods evenly. The guide is adjustable to vary the width of slices. The double-spatula/tongs make it easy to turn over items when cooking. And the nylon spatula tongs protect your non-stick cookware. The liquid level indicator makes it easier to pour hot liquids, particularly into a cup or glass. Our egg separator makes the task of splitting the yolk from the egg white easy.

And if you would like to prepare southern fried cornbread, a favorite of our former President Kenneth Jernigan, we have the cornbread kit devised by him. The kit contains a cast iron muffin pan which makes twelve scallop-shape muffins and a cooking template to guide you in getting the batter into the hot muffin pan. Print and Braille copies of the cornbread recipe are also included.

If you need to mark some appliances before you cook up a storm for the holidays, we have various stick-on bumps and tactile marking paint to help you to do so. Labeling foodstuffs makes it easier to stay organized in the kitchen. We carry adhesive labeling sheets, clear labeling tape, magnetic labeling tape, and Braillable food labels. We also recently started selling large-print stick-on letters with Braille characters, which allow the user to create their own print/Braille labels. If you would like to copy down a favorite family recipe, we carry Braille paper and various slates and styluses as well as dark line notepads and bold writing pens.

For more information about the products and literature available from the Independence Market or to request a catalog in Braille or in print visit us online at You may also contact us using email at or by phone at (410) 659-9314, extension 2216, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM eastern time. Our staff will be glad to assist.

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