Braille Monitor                                     November 2017

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There is a List for That!

by David Andrews

This month we will continue our monthly column exploring internet mailing lists with student-related offerings. All of these are meant to be helpful and to add another resource to your vast list when someone asks you, “Where can I find out more about this or that?”

The main list for students is the NABS-L list. It is one of our oldest and busiest lists. It provides students of all ages with valuable information, support, and ideas. You can subscribe to the list by going to or you can also subscribe by sending an email to and put the word “subscribe” on the subject line by itself. The list contains both announcements and discussions of interest to students.

Quite a number of state affiliates have their own local student divisions with their own lists. Below are the state name and the list name for each. To subscribe, substitute the list name in the command above for the nabs-l phrase. For example, to subscribe to the Alabama students list you would use the URL or send an email to and put the word subscribe by itself on the subject line.

David AndrewsAlabama: aabs-forum
Arizona: Arizona-students
Arkansas: arkabs
California: cabs-talk
Colorado: cabs
Connecticut: ctabs
Florida: fabs
Georgia: gabs
Illinois: iabs-talk
International: blind-international-students
Iowa: nfb-iowa-students
Kansas: kansas-blind-students
Kentucky: nfbkabs
Louisiana: labs
Massachusetts: massabs
Maryland: mdabs
Michigan: mi-abs
Minnesota: mn-abs
Missouri: mabs
North Carolina: ncabs
Nebraska: nebraska-students
New Hampshire: new-hampshire-students
New Jersey: njabs-talk
New Mexico: nmabs
New York: nyabs
Ohio: oabs
Pennsylvania: pabs
Tennessee: tabs
Texas: txabs
Utah: uabs
Virginia: vabs
Washington: nfbwa-students
West Virginia: nfbwvabs
Wisconsin: wabs

Next month we will tell you about lists for seniors. As always, you can find all NFBNET.ORG-related lists at

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