CES Hall of Shame

One of the reasons that the Access Technology team ensured we had a presence at the Consumer Electronic Show this year was to spread the message to other companies and organizations about the importance of access for everyone, and some of the simple steps they could take to ensure that their products could be enjoyed by the blind, as well as the sighted. We were plea

Consumer Electronics Show Wrap-Up

Well, friends, geeks, our attendance at CES has come to a close. As Amy and I wend our way home, we can't but spend a little of the plane time on a last report on the show. Here are some highlights from the last day:

CES Day 2

Hello again from toyland.. er, I mean Las Vegas.  We've wrapped up day 2 of CES and its continued to be an exciting adventure which has provided us with many new and interesting projects to pursue, and wonderful gadgets to dream of.

Another day in geek Valhalla

If geek Valhalla can involve an inordinate amount of walking and some kosher hot dogs, then today took us there. The legs hurt now, but here is some of the loot:

CES Day 1

Ces Day 1

CES – first reports from floor

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always an adventure, and this year it looks like one which will involve a LOT of new phones and new tablets. Given that our focus is not necessarily the same as everybody else’s, here are some of the highlights of the first day of exploring:


  After letting the dust settle, and now that Freedom Scientific has released two updates to the latest release of JAWS, it seemed a reasonable time to give a quick overview of what the new version has to offer blind users.

Mobile PC Monitor

If you’re anything like me you’ve occasionally, and in some cases more often than you want to acknowledge, been staring at a completely useless computer. Your screen access package has frozen or another program has caused it to completely hang, and your only recourse is to hard crash and restart your system.

The DAISY Consortium Announces the Latest Release of the Save as DAISY for Office 2010 add-in

Zurich, Switzerland and Missoula, MT, USA - December 15, 2011 - Building on DAISY Consortium’s collaboration with Microsoft, Save as DAISY for Office 2010 helps Microsoft Word users convert Word Open XML files to the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) format.  This version supports Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. 

RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices for Freedom Scientific Products

From the JAWS help menu, you can either down arrow to move to, or press the letter R to open the Web Resources menu.  Once this menu is open, you can again either down arrow to, or press the letter R to activate the shortcut to the RealSpeak™ Solo Direct voices.