Catch a Ride in D.C. with Sidecar

You may remember reading that the NFB of Massachusetts, along with two of its members, reached an accessibility agreement (PDF) with Sidecar. 

Convention Session Survey

One of the most exciting items on the calendar for the access technology team is the AT seminar day at convention. Though it may seem like a long way off, we are locking in the sessions now. We would like to have your input on what topic completes the agenda, and we have set up a survey with the options.

Window-Eyes and Microsoft Office

Access Technology is often dominated by incremental changes; but every once in a while there are big jumps. The big change that was just announced is that, effective immediately, Window-Eyes is being packaged with Windows running Office 2010 or higher.

Odin VI Mobile Phone

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, it is all too rare to see additions to the small clutch of talking feature phones on the market. When some time ago, Odin Mobile approached us to demonstrate their intent to run a cell phone provider geared primarily to the low vision and blindness market, I admit that I got pretty excited about that.

Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act: 100 Percent Wrong

In a recent article, "Goodwill faces criticism over pay for disabled workers," PolitiFact Georgia attempts to evaluate the truthfulness of the National Federation of the Blind’s claims in our call for the repeal of Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor S

MyMathLab-JAWS News from Pearson

Pearson has made big strides in having students use the JAWS screen reader to access content in MyMathLab and related products—MyStatLab, MathXL, MyMathTest.  Students using JAWS can navigate, read, and interact with MyMathLab homework and assessments, as well as calendars, results, announcements, and study plans.

A Ridiculous Question

So you go to work tomorrow, and it is pay day. You receive a paycheck for $15.00 for two weeks of work. You speak to your supervisor, and you are informed that the company has switched to a new payroll model based on a new law, Section D (9) (u), that calculates wages based on a new commensurate wage formula. This new formula is only used to calculate the wages paid to you and others like you.

All Charitable Contributions Sustain Exploitive Services

ACCSES, the American Congress of Community Supports and Employment Services, is the name of an nonprofit “charitable” organization that claims to represent disability service providers across the country and professes to be the voice of disability service providers speaking for people with disabilities.

Kindle Fire HDX

The Kindle Fire HDX is the latest tablet from Amazon, and it is again, claiming to include accessibility for blind users.  In the past, I have pretty freely lambasted Amazon’s accessibility efforts because in many cases they were downright insulting to blind users.  There has never been an eInk Kindle that allows for proper non-visual navigation of text, nor an accessible application

The Sprint Kyocera Kona talking feature phone

Basic talking phones are few and far between, though the news of them manifests itself on the NFB tech line every few days.