SuperNova 12 Tips

SuperNova 12 Tips

Tip: Magnified applications look stunning with Dolphin's all new True Font Technology which even supports vertical, diagonal and spiral text. Press LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD8 (in the default desktop hot key set) to cycle through the 3 font smoothing options: True Fonts, Standard and None.

Tip: Boost productivity with SuperNova's fully featured multiple monitor support. With Extended Desktop enabled in Windows, press WINDOWS KEY + SHIFT + LEFT or RIGHT ARROW to move applications between monitors. Press CAPSLOCK + MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON to jump the pointer to the next monitor without loosing the magnified position in your application.

Tip: Dolphin's unique Mouse Buffer feature prevents the mouse pointer moving to another monitor unintentionally. The Mouse Buffer creates a soft barrier between each monitor. The Buffer Resistance slider can be used to control how much effort is needed to push the mouse pointer over the edge of the screen on to the next monitor. Change the Mouse Buffer Resistance in the SuperNova Control Panel from Visual>Multiple Monitors>Display Mode for Extended Desktop>Mouse Buffer Resistance.

Tip: Never lose the mouse pointer with new relative and fixed custom mouse pointer sizes which can be set independent of the magnification level. If a fixed custom mouse pointer size is chosen, for example, 16, the mouse pointer will remain 16 times its original size irrespective of the magnification level. This prevents the mouse getting smaller and becoming lost at low magnification levels. Similarly, a fixed size prevents the mouse pointer becoming too large and obscuring text at higher magnification levels. Change the mouse pointer size in the SuperNova Control Panel from Visual>Mouse Pointers.

Tip: The new Dolphin Launch Pad offers convenient access to popular services: podcasts, radio stations, News feeds, dictionary look-up and walking directions. Press CAPS + F10 to open Launch Pad and use UP and DOWN to choose a service and press ENTER. If you would like additional services please contact Dolphin Product Support.

Tip: SuperNova 12 supports the new more responsive, smaller, faster Vocalizer Text To Speech synthesiser from Nuance. Vocalizer is the next generation of the familiar RealSpeak technology. Press LEFT CONTROL + LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT BRACKET to switch between synthesisers. TTS Voices can be customised in the SuperNova Control Panel from Speech>Voice Preferences>User Defined Voices tab. To benefit from Vocalizer's  higher speaking rates use LEFT CONTROL + LEFT SHIFT + EQUALS or DASH to increase or decrease voice speed.

Tip: Never miss out on the latest fixes and improvements with new options for automatically checking for and downloading free SuperNova updates. In the SuperNova Control Panel from General>Update Settings choose one of the following 4 update behaviours: Tell me when updates are available to download, Download updates automatically, Download updates automatically and Install or Do not check for updates. If you choose one of the automatic update options SuperNova can check daily, weekly or monthly. If you prefer not to check for updates automatically, you can do this manually any time from Help>Check for Updates.

Tip: If you have a question for Dolphin's Product Support team, you can help us to help you by taking advantage of the new Dolphin remote assistance Team Viewer application included with SuperNova. When prompted by your Dolphin Product Support Assistant, you can press CONTROL + SHIFT + T to start the Dolphin remote assistance Team Viewer application.

Tip: The SuperNova 12 DVD also contains Dolphin's EasyReader DAISY Player which reads ePub and a range of other popular electronic book formats. For more information on Dolphin EasyReader, please visit the EasyReader product page on the Dolphin website at: